- How a Snail Reached Paradise

This is a fairytale style of novel for children whose main hereos Little Angel and the Little Prince – Prince Secret-Snail (characters from Nena’s Fantasy Land).  A libretto and a musical score have been completed for the children’s opera, bearing the same name, on the basis of the story of this novel.

In short:
The Little Angel lives in the sky and the Little Snail lives on the land.  The Little Angel is sad because all that he does is just play and he does not have any other duties as the other angels have.  Little SecretSnail is sad because he is the slowest of all the snails and that is why he often gets lost.  The Great Angel decides to give the Little Angel a task to guard the SecretSnail Royal Family. Evryone in the sky is bewildered about this task of – guarding snails?!  But, if one takes into considereation that Planet Earth is on the brink of destruction, because there is no more healthy food on it, no clean water, no imagination and love and that the island of the SecretSnails is the last untouched oasis, the place where these snails are keeping nature’s secrets in their snailhouses, the task of the Little Angel proves to be much more serious...

There are plans also to publish this book as a big picturebook with colour illustrations.




Little Angel, who is the smallest angel of them all, lives in the sky or, if you like, as a matter of fact, in Heaven. He has not been given any duties yet, and all he does is play, flying over and around the wonderous and enchanting Land of Fantasy. He goes sleigh-riding over the clouds, and is tobogganing down a rainbow. He often blows into the magic balloons of Teddy-Bear Splashy, out of which are created new and very unusual creatures. He picks cherries with Cherrypicker. And he has his own magical room in the Magical Magician Building. Grandpa Story Man is telling him a lovely story. The Magical Cloud is pouring down popcorn instead of snow, and sweets instead of rain.  His nannies are the Fantasy Fairy and the Fairy Dreamspinner. They are teaching him to play on the magical violin out of which birds, clouds and stars are flying out in all directions…

And on earth there lives a small being called Small Snail, he is Prince SecretSnail, the smallest and slowest one of all the SecretSnails. His grandmother, Madam Great SecretSnail, who is a friend of both Fantasy Fairy and Fairy Dreamspinner, is telling him fascinating stories.

The SecretSnails are safeguarding the Secrets of Nature in their little snail-shell houses, the secrets of the sky and the seas, the forest and the rain, the secrets of plants and animals. And all those secrets are truly secrets of pure joy. And that is why the greatest number of secrets are sleeping in the little snail-shell house of the merriest of all the snails and that is why the happiest couple of all the snails, the royal-pair of snails, live there.  And they are Little Snail’s parents.

Alas, Little Snail has a big problem. When he is feeding on grass in the fields and meadows with his family, and perchance if he starts talking and playing with some flower, ant or bumble-bee, he would often loses sight of his company, and then he would not know in which direction they have headed. This is when he becomes very frightened that he has lost sight of his mother and father, his brothers and sisters, and his loving Granny, and he then curdles up in fear into his little snail-house.  But being so slow and helpless in catching up with them, he immediately starts crying loudly, from the top of his voice.

But, things are not so happy in the Heavens either, as one might think. The Little Angel no longer wants to go for walks in the Land of Imagination with his nanies, the two fairies, Fantasy Fairy and Fairy Dreamspinner. He does not even want to play the magic violin anymore. He is becoming very lonely and is constantly gazing sadly into a single spot. And despite their magic wands the two fairies do not know what is happening to him all so suddenly and how they should go about helping him.



Only the Great Angel, who is the leader of all the angels, knows the answer to this. The Little Angel is suffering because he has still not received any assignment. All the angels are watching over someone and have some responsibilities, and that is how they grow up in goodness and love, but nobody has ever given him any assignments, as if they wanted him to remain small for ever. In fact, he is quite well aware of this, they actually do not believe that he is capable of doing any serious task and this is something that has been hurting and bothering him so.

But Heaven is the last place in the entire universe where someone should be unhappy! This is why the Great Angel is hurriedly calling together an assembly of all the angels. And here they are, flying over from all sides of existence, from earth and from other nearer or more distant planets… And finally they have all arrived and are all present eagerly awaiting to hear what news will be announced to them by their wise and noble leader, the beloved Great Angel.

And then he said to them:

Today is an important day in the universe because even the smallest one amongst us all will be getting an assignment. Therefore, let all the stars shine brightly with this new joy! Let the new light shine on all of the worlds! And in honor of this decision a great Stellar-ball is to begin immediately!

But what, just what kind of a task or assignment is this, they all asked themselves?  Just what is it that he could do, being so small, who could he watch over?  Is it not rather too early to be giving him any assignments?

The Little Angel was trembling all over in excitement. Finally he too will be doing something important and noble, and for a good cause!

Father, Father… May I please ask the fairy nannies to invite all my friends from the Land of Fantasy to the Grand Ball?

And of course the Great Angel gave him permission to invite them all.

O, how merry and festive it was! The most beautiful of flowers rushed forth to decorate the Grand Ball with their presence.  The music peeked out revealing itself and flowing from all of the stars.  And since everyone in the sky is very light in weight and is able to fly, both up and down, and left and right, the dancers were fluttering about every which way all around the universe.

Can you guess who has arrived?  It’s the Merry HandClapper, who had been clapping his hands for the whole time while the others have been dancing.  And out of the palms of his hands flying colorful hearts were gushing forth. Whomever the hearts touched would become even merrier than they had been before.

But, suddenly the gong of the large bell was heard and all those present there stopped moving and stood fast in their spots, for they knew that the moment of announcement had arrived.  The voice of the Great Angel resounded throughout the entire universe:

Little Angel’s first assignment ever will be to look after the Royal Family of SecretSnails on planet Earth!

Although angels are endleAssly wise and good, some of them nevertheless chuckled a little and were bewildered: What kind of an assignment is that, looking after and guarding snails?!  Nobody in Heaven has ever done that before, not ever, not since the very beginning of life and time!