The Shepherd Seeks the Bottom of the Heavens

An Anthology of Poetry, Painting and Plastic Art of the Naive Artists of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic Srpska, in English and Serbian (in collaboration with Dragisa and Vera Vitosevic and Milica Kosenko Masirevic; publisher: „Draganic”, Belgrade 2004)

In this anthology there have been presented 60 poets with 378 poems and 112 painters and sculptors with a total of 211 color reproductions and 192  b/w photographs of sculptures, drawings and vignettes. This is the most comprehensive review of this kind of art in Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska. These naive painters and sculptors are considered by many to be among the top world artists of naive art, but very little is known of the magnificent movement of peasant poets, a unique occurrence in world poetry and one of the most interesting and strongest movements in world poetry of the 20th Century.



To Whom Shall I Propose this Toast To
(in collaboration with V. V. Vitosevic, illustrated by M. Djilas, 1990)

An illustrated book about heroes of the medieval Battle of Kosovo – the significant historical event that has grown into the greatest Serbian myth.