Nena de Vita (Nevena Vitošević Ćeklić), born in Belgrade in 1967; B.Litt. (world literature); MA and PhD thesis at the Department for Theatrical Studies, Belgrade University. She is a member of the Writers’ Association of Serbia and the Writers’ Association of Montenegro.

She has published the following collections of poetry: Sacrificial Altar (1982), A Prayer for a Man Walking down the Railway Tracks (1991 – First Award for young poets of 20th Ratkovic Evenings of Poetry), I Caress You with My White Wings (1998), a book of verse - reflections on love  A Being that Loves... (1998; published also as the first e-book of Serbian literature on the Internet, in Serbian and English, “U Go Publish”,, San Francisco, 2001); Poems of Perfect Love, poems in prose (2002; 2005).

Also published: Love, reflections on love, poems, selected pages, in Serbian and English (2003), Discovering Cross-like Forms in the Spatial Structure of Fairy Tales – The Dramaturgy of Space in the Artistic Fairy Tale, scientific paper (2007), The Golden Intersection of the Soul, essays on love and spirituality (2008).

She published books for children with illustrations by Nena de Vita: Nena’s Fantasy Land (1994, Belgrade Book Fair Best Design Award), Dr. Joy in the Land of FantasyNena’s Magic Coloring Book (with artistic collaboration by R. Nedeljković; 1995), Reader Cirilko (1996, 2001, 2004), The Little Angel –How a Snail Reached Paradise (2002); The Red Peonies of Kosovo Field, (in Serbian and English, with collaboration by V. V. Vitošević, illustrated by B. Kićevac, 2002) The book The Little AngelA Christian Primer (2003, 2004).  

The Little AngelA Christian Primer is translated into Russian by Ivan Charota (Minsk, Byelorussia 2011) for the regions of Russia, the Ukraine and Byelorussia. (The book is the winner of the Eighth international competition «Book Art» in a nomination «The Book for Children and Youth» at the XXIV Moscow Book Fair. The competition is spent by the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States - union of former Soviet republics) Interstate council on cooperation in the field of periodicals, book publishing, book trade and polygraphies, and the russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.)

The Park, a drama, won her the Isak Samokovlija Award (1986); she also won the 1996 Essay Award at the Lim Evenings of Poetry.

Nena is one of the editors of the Anthology of Poetry, Painting and Plastic Art of the Naive Artists of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic Srpska, The Shepherd Seeks the Bottom of the Heavens (in Serbian and English, 2001, 2004). She is also the author and script-writer of the film anthology of the same name (100 documentaries) – 100 most prominent naive artists and traditional folk musicians. This is an ongoing project and the filming began in year 2000. 

She took part in numerous poetry and theatrical festivals in the country, as well as at the International Poetry Festival in Romania – “Poetry Nights in Curtea de Arges” (1999, 2004).

She had seven exhibitions of her paintings, the last four being painting exhibitions for children. Painting for children, where a painting exists independently of any text, or comes before any text, is a new venture in visual arts. Her exhibition at the Princess Ljubica Palace (1993) was the first ever for children of Serbia and Montenegro, and has led to the publication of Nena’s Fantasy Land.

Following the death of her father, author Dragiša Vitošević (1987), Nena has been working, together with her mother Vjera, on the preparation of his manuscripts for publication. 

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