Nean's Fantasy Land
(1994, Belgrade Book Fair Best Design Award)
A book that endeavors, by means of unusual images and texts imbued with wonder and awe, to facilitate as much as possible the development of a child’s imagination, especially the development of their literary and visual creative expression.

Dr. Joy in the Land of Fantasy
(with artistic collaboration by R. NedeljkoviŠ; 1995)
A very imaginative coloring-book that opens the door to creativity for children.

The Little Angel
or The Christian Primer

A richly illustrated book that explains, in a manner that is friendly and comprehensible to children, all the most important concepts of the Christian Faith and Church.

The Angel and the Snail
or How a Snail Reached Paradise
It is a fairy story type of novel on friendship between an angel and a snail; an Opera for children had been conceived and based on the same story.

Elementary Reader Cirilko
A book that facilitates the easy learning of Serbian Cyrillic letters by means of highly
imaginative tales and poems.

The Red Peonies of Kosovo Field
(in the Serbian and English, with collaboration
by V. V. Vitosevic, illustrated by B. Kicevac, translated by M. Ristic, 2002)
A book that had been created in the form of a story based on the cycle of traditional poetry of the medieval Battle of Kosovo, with the idea of bringing closer to the children this significant historical event that has grown into the greatest Serbian myth.