Why is Nena’s Fantasy Land So Unique?
With its wealth of original heroes, enchanting images and imaginative questions this book gives strong incentives to the development of imagination among children enabling them to freely express their most outlandish ideas through the opportunity to make numerous drawings, stories, and poems on their own and of their own...

What kind of relationship do children have toward the book?
Children develop a very close-liking to the book, developing close ties, and they even put themselves to sleep with it.

For what age-group is the book intended?
Nena’s Fantasy Land is accepted by children of all ages.  Some of the drawings contained in it are amusing even to babies and its unique combination of colors and words is succesful at bringing back into playfulness even those that are growing out of childhood.

Can Nena’s Fantasy Land be of assistance to us in teaching children?
The book is an excellent resource for preparing pre school children for school, as well as being of use to school children to free and develop their creativity in order to be able to respond more easily to a great many fields of school work (The children are usually given some work in the form of doing a drawing or to write a composition on a given subject.  For instance: My Favourite Animal.  But, this is not sufficient to stimulate a child’s imagination.  The approach applied in Nena’s Fantasy Land to the given themes enables chldren to express their maximum creativity.).

What other things are in store as a follow up to this book?
Nena’s Fantasy Land -  a treasure trove and gallery of original hereos, was envisaged as the first book in a whole famly of books as well as other works (animated films, a musical and opera for the children...). The pictures from Nena’s Fantasy Land may also provide a soul to the collection of school stationary (notebooks, note-pads, building blocks/puzzles...), they can also become a part of designer children’s wardrobes, bed-sheets, furniture, sweets, and may also become a part of the world of toys for children.

How did the idea for Nena’s Fantasy Land come about?
First there were the paintings/pictures for the chldren and then a shorter text followed suit. Then soon after, in the gallery, where the pictures were exhibited, the author had been painting and fantasizing with the children, and inspired by her paintings, thus the remaining part of the text of the book was created from their joint creative game, as an ilustration for the paintings.  This is why the book contains numerous authentic answers by the children to her imaginative questions.



        A FantasticalHello!        What's your name?
        I am Nena.
                                          paste your photograph here.


Do you like to draw, sing and dream? But of course you do!
That's why this is our very own book! The LAND OF FANTASY
is the most beautiful land and biggest. No one knows where it ends.
Pictures, songs, fairy tales, music, films, dolls, toys, engines, rockets, flying saucers...
all come flying from Fantasy Land. This is where dwarves, fairies, angels,
and magical clouds live... Fantasists travel through the Land of Fantasy.
I'm a Fantasist! What about you?
I know you are Fantasist too.


This is one of my best friends. Her name is FANTASY FAIRY.
Fantasy Fairy used to be my Mother Vera's friend. When I was born,
Fantasy told my Mother that babies did not know how to talk or walk,
but when you took them to Fantasy Land, then they knew everything.
And then the two of us started off on a long trip to Fantasy Land.
Fantasy Fairy introduced us to many interesting and unusual friends.
Remind me to tell you all about it one day.


FAIRYFLOWERS grow in Fantasy Fairy's garden. They bloom
and spread their magical fragrances during the day, so that all Fantasists love
to come to her garden. When night falls they turn into ELVES-FANTASISTS
and then they tell the most wondrous stories.

They are so very small. I can't hear what they are saying. But four ears can hear
a thousand times better than two. So let's listen! They're singing!

Fantasy Fairy with her magic wand
can make wondrous things.

Just say if you wish all the grownups
to become children?

Or if you would rather the children
to become grownups?


This is the real question. Should you grow up? Or should you make Mommy,
Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa and everybody else small like you?
Think carefully before Fantasy fairy waves her magic wand
and sends us off into the world of the grownups or the world of little ones.
Fantasy Fairy once said something very wise
to my Daddy Gisha:

And so, this Daddy of mine, who was the busiest Daddy in the whole world,
would spend hours with me walking from star to star.
And those hours were better than any toys I would want!

If you hear her singing,
or see her flying,
don't stop to wonder.
She comes from the land
where Birdflowers grow.

And thinks up songs in the sky and the grass.


BIRDFLOWER loves Eva. Listen to it singing:

"Someone is playing in the woods,
like the whisper in the wind
playing, singing - Eva, Eva, Eva...

A swallow twitters to another
the secret of Spring - Eva, Eva, Eva...

The joyful heart with its beat is opening up the sky,
and calls to the stars, and happiness flows
throughout the Universe - Eva, Eva, Eva...”



"Those going to the Land
of Birdflowers must make up
a song! Quickly!
And don't forget
to bring a smile along."

And if you can't leave
then invite a meadow
to come and visit you
One in which
the birdflowers sing.

Do you make up songs? I have been doing so forever. First they were boems.
I know you're supposed to say poems, but I couldn't pronounce "p".
I couldn't write. So Mommy and Daddy wrote down my boems
in a little orange notebook so they wouldn't get lost.


Under the hat
fish are jumping
doves are cooing
and who knows
what else is there!

Perhaps there is
an apartment for you?
He told me he was

Fantasy Fairy took me there. He was very nice. A real gentleman!
You can talk to him if you like. Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you how to talk to drawings.
It's very easy. You ask him if he knows a magical trick, and then you stick your ear
to the drawing and listen hard. And, look, he's asking you:
- What would our room look like if it were in my hat?
I suggest that you make a drawing and tell him.
Bojana's doors are made of chocolate, the lamp is made of bananas...
There is no carpet in Zorka's room, just lots of grass. And the bed is on the grass,
and under it there is a chattering monkey. And he kicks up a fuss all day long...
It's snowing in Philip's room, and Santa is asleep in his bed...
The sound of a violin is coming from Taylor's room. Her guardian angel is playing...
Milica's room is filled with a dream and in it Milica dances like a ballerina,
round and round...


While Milosh sleeps,
someone picks the cherries.

And Grandpa says "Starlings"
and Grandma says "Magpies".

In Milosh's dream the CHERRYPICKER
sits on the top of the tree
and laughs.

The Cherrypicker lives in a Magical Magician Building.
But when the cherries are ripe he disappears and doesn't come home for days.
He hops from branch to branch and picks the juiciest and sweetest cherries,
the ones no one can reach. At night he crawls into an empty nest and goes to sleep.
When the cherry season passes, the Cherrypicker makes them grow on his fingers.
How can cherries grow on fingers? Well they can. Thanks to Fantasy Fairy.
Once, long ago, Cherrypicker ate cherries only in Spring and Summer.
He missed them terribly in Autumn and Winter and he was very sad.
He would lock himself up in his room and wouldn't go out and wouldn't talk
to anybody. And that's when Heartleaf decided it was time to do something.


HEARTLEAF worries over everything that happens in Fantasia.
He is unhappy for all those who are unhappy and ill for all those who are sick.
He sighs and wonders how he can help them. Heartleaf has a big heart!

When Fantasy Fairy and I visited him, he begged the fairy to feed
all the hungry children, to find clothes for all those who didn't have any,
but most of all he begged her to bring them to the Land of Fantasy more often.
Heartleaf gets very cross when children squash and tear up their drawings.
That's when drawings cry and Heartleaf can hear them. So Heartleaf has asked
all the children to make peace between the quarreling lines and colors.
Heartleaf also looks after ants. He asked Fantasy Fairy to make a small,
very small sun for the ants, and then they wouldn't have to live in the dark.
There, I have nearly forgotten Cherrypicker! Heartleaf asked Fantasy Fairy
to make cherries grow on his fingers, and Cherrypicker is now
the merriest inhabitant of Magical Magician Building.

live in Magical Magician Building.

They are big and fat and heavy and they live on the ground floor.
Actually they live in a great big bathtub.


In a bathtub? Yes, take a good look!
They love to splash and paddle about.

Fantasy Fairy gives them magical soaps, shampoos and foams
and then they make balloons of all colors.


Three best friends
jumped out of the balloons one day.

You can be born many times in Fantasy Land...
Miki came out of the rainbow.
Trifun likes to slide down the rays of the Rayflower.
Vidan said: "I am a design of designs".
Fairy Dreamspinner brought Jakov from the enchanting Dreamgarden.
And guess where Mila woke up?





DANA'S DOGGY came running out of a balloon
made by TeddySplash and Bear Cub.

- Dan's Doggy, why did you become Dana's Doggy?
- Well I thought:
I'm small, and Dana is small.
Dana knows lots of songs.
Bow, wow, wow... - that's all I know.
But when I heard she knew how to make cookies,
all by herself, then I decided to be hers.





- A FantasticalHello to you, we are Fantasists!
- And a FantasticalHello to you too, I am KING SECRETSNAIL!

- You have a very unusual crown!
- My crown is made up of happy thoughts!
- A crown of happy thoughts?
- Yes, among us snails, the one with the happiest thoughts becomes King.
- Are your thoughts visible?
- I can see yours. They're colorful and happy.
You must be from the Royal Family.


- A FantasticalHello to you, I am QUEEN SECRETSNAIL!

- Why are you called SecretSnails?
- The dots and spots on our houses are magical.
Secrets sleep within them. Every spot or dot hides one...
- Would you like to wake up some of the secrets?
- Look and concentrate at a dot or spot.
Perhaps you'll find out why the sky is blue.
Or where babies come from. Every dot and spot reveals a new secret.




Sasha sees:
two cups full of yogurt admiring each other.
Dragana thinks that two ice creams have fallen in love.
Jovana has wandered off into space:
they are Martians back from their honeymoon.

Who likes who?
This is a question for you too.
Think a little, and tell me.






- Hello SUN. Can we be your guests?

- Of course. I adore Fantasists. Just a moment, please. The Thoughtphone is ringing. A blade of grass has a message for me. She complains of having grown in the shade, and that's why she's very hungry. Ray-children, hurry! Call your cousins Wind and Windo to blow oak leaves all over the grass. Take a lot of sunshine with you, let the grass eat its fill! - Hey, what's a Thoughtphone?
- A Thoughtphone is like a telephone, only it's in my head. When I want to speak to the Moon and the stars, the little angels and elves, the plants and animals, and all the other Fantasists, I don't have to write them letters, or telephone them, or visit them, or make films for them to see. I simply make a wish to see them and hear them immediately. This is something that every drawing knows. Telephones - bah! Everything is perfect in the world of fantasy; even those conceited peacocks like to thoughtphone.



When the Sun comes up,
the Stars go to sleep.
Where do they sleep?
Their beds are
in the hair

Draw your head and your hair as if it were a bed for the Stars.
While the Stars sleep, let's sneak into their dreams and see what they are dreaming about. Let's close your eyes, and pretend you are dreaming. Look! They're so beautiful!
See, those over there have several arms and legs. They're singing. The one
in the red dress and pink shoes is dancing. The Green Star is marrying off her daughter. There's the Star Emperor. He's helping the Starry Empress out of the carriage.
She's dressed in a violet veil. I can't see her face. She must be the most beautiful
glittering star ever! ...They've noticed us. They're saying something to us.
We've been invited to the Star Ball. They must think that you and I are Stars.
Look, you're shining!. And, so am I!
Who could have dreamed that we would turn into Stars so easily?!
But, that is how it is when the Stars dream of you and me.


A restless Star
is called

Quiet stars stay at home
all night and shine,
but a restless Comet
zooms across the sky.

And sometimes,
A child Fantasist
rides on its tail.

What would happen
if one night,
a Comet came by,
and took you out for
a walk in the sky?








Don't be afraid of the dark.
Let dreams land on you eyelids.
watches over you in bed all night.





Translated by Sandra Bassler, Radisha Nedeljković and Mihailo Ristić,

Design: Radisha Nedeljković