A being that loves...  by Nena de Vita resembles for me an unfinished rosary from Mt. Athos made up of 104 beads that, when counting them, we begin again to enumerate the individual beads, until we learn them all by heart.

                                                Member of the Academy, Dr Vladeta Jerotić, Psychiatrist                                                and Professor of the Theological Faculty in Belgrade


While reading and experiencing the book A Being That Loves... written by the poetess and painteress Nena de Vita, I had once more become fully counscious and bore witness to the most important and most overwhelming feat of all those in existence – the feat of love in everyday love.  That is why I had, recognizing in this poetess my colleague-in-quest-of-the-feat, immediately initiated discussions on love with my students, within my course excersises and lectures at the Department for Christian Ethics with Ascetics at the Theological Faculty of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade, finding in those discussions energy for bearing the comon cross of our overall crucifixtion. In those discussions I had always, time and again, returned to the book A Being That Loves..., pointing out to the students the energy of words with which she is endowed. To my great joy the students were very eager to respond to this theme with all their hearts, so that we had an agreement that we would be placing this book on our reading list, i.e. as compulsory bibliography for prepairing exams in our subject.

                                                                                    Dr David Perović
                                                                                    Head of the Ethics Department
                                     Of the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade