„Here before us is this golden book through which a guardian angel called Little Angel speaks to children revealing wonderful secrets to them. We believe that children will be capable of understanding this heavenly Little Angel’s message. He speaks to them about Christ  in a language that is perfectly comprehensible to them – a little child who is the preeternal God, his birth from the Everholy Virgin Mother, about the church as God’s family, about the love that God embraces us with and which we embrace each other with, about the holy sacrements and of virtue, about God’s paradise, but also of evil and evil forces that we should watch out for, about life in Heaven in the Kingdom of the eternal Love of God.  God, here, through the Little Angel, reveals to the children all those things that are concealed from learned people and other earthly sages.“

                                    Mitropolite of Montenegro and the Coastal Region Amfilohije


The beauty and the power of Christian love is described and painted by Nena de Vita with her Evangelical book and iconography, or her scripture for the eyes – The Little Angel (Christian Primer).

Just what is intended with this book for small and big children? It is formostly a book singing and shining cerimoniously. It is a book about the Christian faith in which the Divine Holy Trinity is praised as the Three Persons, as light, as life, as communion, friendship, happines, as love itself. In relation to love, on the other hand, this book with its wealth of inspired words and the gaiety of its colourful pallette reminds us of love itself – an energy capable of replacing everything else with itself.

Dr David Perović
Head of the Ethics Department
Of the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade