„From Nena’s soul and healing hands there has sprouted a small wonder -- a unique poem  ---, medicine for grownups and food for children.

Nena de Vita is the saviour of the imagination and of all the children in this entire world, as well as the future of the world itself.“

                                                Member of the Academy, Dr Vladeta Jerotić, Psychiatrist                                                and Professor of the Theological Faculty in Belgrade


„Indeed an extremely rich language and an even more magnificent painting talent.  Nena’s merry paintbrush, her playful imagination, fluid tongue and unspoiled child’s spirit on whatever topic she writes and paints about will shake you to your very foundations.  It will be as if you had just receive a strong injection of optimism and goodness. She is a true scorceress: both in the literary as well as in the artistic sense. She is capable of conjouring, with exceptional charm, humuorous neologisms that warm one’s heart so readily.  And one cannot believe just how amazing her drawings are. Indeed, a feast for the eyes.(...)  And what a joy for the children of this land!

                                                                        Literary author Florika Štefan


When I saw Nena’s works... such charm, directness, sparks emanating from her paintings... I was completely bewildered. (...)

I have seen many children’s drawings and paintings.  And these paintings by Nena even resemble the most beautiful paintings of talented children. I would never be able to do that.  My sinceerest gratitude to Nena.

                                                                        Bosiljka Kićevac, painter and ilustrator


„Whoever has not forgotten his own childhood days and whoever feels the need to bathe at the spring of the period of their youth will experience genuine contentment while going through the pages of Nena de Vita’s Fantasy Land. It is a book that seems to have just arrived from some fairy kingdom, into which the authoress has sifted through her own spirit all those things that make up this childhood kingdom, in which we adults, having delved into all kinds of suffering and troubles, can also find some form of spiritual regeneration.“

                   Professor Dr Miroslav Egerić


“Made to the great joy of children and sensitive beings (as the famous author Danilo Kiš would say) the book ‘Nena’s Fantasy Land’, written and illustrated by Nena de Vita, poetess and painter from Belgrade, is the most beautiful and artistically richest picture-book in the Serbian language. (…)

It is only when you see with your own eyes Nena’s Fantasy Land, a book written by Nena de Vita, and all of her enchanting heroes, that you will be able to understand that these words of praise for this book are only a feeble reflection of something that you will be experiencing directly while leafing through it by yourself and for your children.”

Ljubinka Živković, Journalist