I believe that the Poems of Perfect Love of Nena de Vita, written in an unnusual manner for poetry and bursting with emotions, will live to experience a fate that they deserve and will become precious reading for all those that are in love and all those showing love regardless of their age or gender.

                                                                                    Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga,
                                                                                    Rock Musician


Amor vincit ommia!
Love conquers all!

My greatest gratitude to Nena de Vita for providing so much light at the sombre beggining of the Third Millenium with her Poems of Perfect Love, carrying a message to all that we should press these verses to our open wounds, to inhale them in place of sooth, sulphur and hatred, and let them heal our hearts with merry verse instead of gloom-filled verse, forever to remind us that Tagore’s shadow does not pale...

                                                                                                Dragoljub Lune Simonović


The poetry of love of Nena de Vita, poet and painter, who is an unnusually imaginative and a mullti-talented artist, has arrived from some, long gone (more beautiful) times and some long gone (more beautiful) regions.  It is as if Nena, or at least her soul, had arrived from such a place and that she, indeed, is not from around these parts.

I am reading her Poems of Perfect Love, enchanted, radiated by light emanating from that little book...

  Professor Dr Vladimir Jevtović