„Rare, and even rarer among us today are books whose pages one would never wish to close.  Nena de Vita, with her book The Golden Section of the Soul, has just presented us with such a text.

This book verily has become both a Primer and a Guide on the road to reading the letters of the alphabet of Love, in these days of ours where values have become deviant, and of displaced, perhaps, better said, missed goals.

Courage for Love, turning toward service to Beauty, and above all, the quest for Truth, which is a feat equal to true faith, do not only make of Nena de Vita an insurpassable author who writes with her heart, her soul, producing pages wrought with clear mind, but, put frankly, also a modern prophet of Love.“

                                                                                    Miloš M. Vesin, Priest
                                                                                    Chicago, USA